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What’s the Difference Between Hair Gel and Pomade?

What products are best for doing you and your doo? Should you opt for a hair styling gel or get pomade hair oil?

The answer to this question may surprise you. Why? Because there is no one size fits all choice for hair styling and grooming.

So, what’s the difference between hair gel and pomade? Compare and contrast these three key characteristics. Decide which hair grooming product is the best fit for you.

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Pomade Vs Hair Gel - #1 Style & Versatility

Hair Gel: If you want a steadfast and shiny look, hair gel can give you just that. Hair styling gel may also be the ideal choice for a “spiky” look - but if you’re going for “bedhead” it’s probably not your best bet. Hair gel is ideal when forming a solid hairstyle that isn’t meant to move. While hair gel isn’t able to provide the widest diversity of hairstyles, it does the job it’s meant to do.

Pomade: When you want options in styling your hair, pomade is one of the best male grooming products. It can be used to just polish up an understated hair style. Just add a bit of shine or direction to your natural hair style with a dollop of pomade. If you’re more into a neat and orderly look, you can comb pomade through your hair and create the slick style you desire.

Pomade Vs Hair Gel - #2: Hold on Your Hair

Hair Gel: When you style your hair this way, you're sure to get a steady hold on the direction of your doo. However, that strong grip on your hair comes at a cost. A sticky, dry or even greasy feeling often accompanies the usage of hair gel. This isn’t a big deal if you’re going for a hairstyle that won’t give way no matter what. It might not be the best choice if you want your hair to be malleable to the touch of others or adjusting the look yourself.

Pomade: Set your style how you want it with all natural hair oil. Unlike most hair styling gels, pomade is designed to “go with the flow” of your hair and the rest of your day. Sure, if the wind picks up, your precision based hairstyle may become mussed. That’s the same flexibility that allows your hair to be ruffled, stroked and played with - and it won’t feel greasy or gross like hair gel.

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Pomade Vs Hair Gel - #3: What Makes Your Grooming Product?

Hair Gel: At its most definitive form, hair gel is a synthetic product designed in a laboratory environment. While a hair styling gel may include natural ingredients, including water for dilution of additives, most gels are composed of several artificial elements. Some hair gels may include ingredients that are also found in hazardous chemicals. Hair styling gels are designed to be manufactured in large batches, and make use of the most ingredients at the lowest margin. Always check the ingredients in a hair styling gel before you buy.

Pomade: For a non-chemical alternative, pomade hair oils for men are made from all natural ingredients. Many pomades, like Arganadde premium pomade, are derived from ancient Moroccan Argan oils and other essential oils such as the coconut. These hair styling products are made from timeless ingredients that exist without the tampering of man. Why use science to make your hair look awesome when an all natural pomade can make your hair look even better?


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