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The Best Beard Care Products for a Healthy Beard

Thinking of growing a face full of beard? If so, be prepared for the fact that it isn’t as free from care as you might imagine. While you will grow hair on your face, taking care of it so that it does get frizzy, dry, and acquire a unique odor. If you have a beard you already know the reality of facial hair. Thankfully, there are many beard care products - just like hair care products - that can help you grow and maintain your beard. There will be some experimentation to find the particular products you like, but you decided to grow a beard, so a little adventure is in order!

What Do You Need?

First let’s talk about the broad categories of materials you will need for your beard. First, you will need some grooming tools. Your kit should include a beard brush, a beard comb, and a good pair of scissors at the least. A comb that you can carry with you is a good idea, too. An electric trimmer can be a real time saver, but you must have a steady hand. All those funny slips with the clippers by the barber in the movies can become all too real! Finally, you will still need your shaving supplies in your kit to tidy up the non-beard areas and shape your beard.

In addition to the physical tools of grooming, you will want to get products to help soften, maintain, and clean your beard. These include beard oils, beard balms, and beard soaps all designed specifically to help your beard and the skin underneath. You may also want to explore styling products, such as waxes, or colognes to give your beard a special scent. Let’s look at some grooming products that will help you maintain a healthy beard.

Washing Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face must be washed. Getting out food, dirt, oil, and other particles is one part, but removing unpleasant smells is also high on the list. This will take a little experimentation on your part as you need to find a beard soap or beard wash that is good for your beard and the skin on your face. Some excellent choices include the Art of Shaving Peppermint Beard Wash, the complete line of soaps from the Smoky Mountain Beard Co., or Badass Beard Wash.

Conditioning Your Beard

Again, just as you use conditioner on the hair on top of your head, you want to use conditioner on your beard. If you don’t condition your beard, it can become stiff and those you kiss will end up looking like they have a rash! A good product that will serve most everyone is Zeus Beard Conditioner - and it has a nice lime scent while being paraben free and vegan friendly. Quite accommodating and cooperative for the King of the Gods, who has a heck of a beard by the way!

If you find that conditioning isn’t enough, think about using a beard balm to supplement your conditioner. Beard balms act as a leave-in conditioner that keeps you free of frizz and your skin moisturized. Again, experiment on your own, but Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Balm is a good choice to start!

Beard Oil

This may seem to go against the grain as you’ve just spent the first half of your regimen controlling and removing oils in your beard. But removing the bad, greasy oils with dirt also removes some of the natural oils from your beard, so you want to replace them. You only need a little bit of beard oil and it goes a long way toward conditioning your beard and face. Arganade has a great line of beard oils that will help you keep your beard in proper condition.

Arganade ( has a line of high quality products for your hair and beard that will go great with any of your grooming tools and work to give your hair, your beard - and you - your best look! Try their Whisky Cider Beard Oil for your beard - it is a real treat!

Mobile Care

You may be surprised, but when you are out in the world and away from your medicine cabinet you will still need to care for your beard! Just as you sometimes spill stuff on your tie and must clean it up, you will also get materials in your beard. Dried barbecue sauce is not a good look for anyone. So, just as you have some wipes for your clothes, carry some wipes to clean your beard. A good go-to wipe is the Beard Paw wipes as they are alcohol free and nicely scented.


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