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Styling Gel vs Pomade - Which Should you Choose?

Not sure if hair styling gel or pomade is right for you? Don’t buy another haircare product until you read this.

Take a look at the positives of styling gel and pomade. Realize that both haircare products can be used to create almost any hairstyle you desire. The difference makers are the quality of the product, how easy you can get it and the people who make it.

You’ll see that both pomade and hair styling gel have benefits and disadvantages. Weigh these pro’s and con’s as you read the article. Consider what attributes are important to you.

To help make the choice clearer for you, see the end of the article. There’s some recommendations that will help you decide.

Pros of Hair Styling Gels

Availability: When you think about hair care products, styling gel is one of the first things that you think of. Hair gels are a good introductory styling agent that can be used in hair salons and at home. Buying a styling gel is easy. They are available at any grooming supply store, big box retailer or online vendor.

Consistency: Hair gels have secured their place in the world of hair styling. These gels will most likely always be used as a hair grooming tool. Styling gels have a straightforward application process and deliver consistent results.

Price: There are a lot of different companies and brand names with their own styling gels. When many large companies compete for market share, the savings can get passed onto the consumer. Some hair gels differentiate themselves purely on price point.

Cons of Styling Gel

Quality: With the mass production of hair styling gels to meet consumer demand, some companies use artificial, chemical or otherwise questionable ingredients. Always check what’s used to make your styling gel. It might contain harmful chemicals or other unnecessary additives.

Uniqueness: The hair care industry has been around for the better part of a century. While large brand names compete for the consumer's business with advertising and marketing, it’s not in their best interest to innovate. Unless a company is looking to disrupt the hair care market, then they’re probably not designing a ground-breaking hair gel. There are some exceptions, but it’s usually in a corporation’s best interests to stick to a working formula.

Pros of All Natural Pomade

Ingredients: Pomade can be made with only organic ingredients. It’s an all natural hair care product that can style your hair in a variety of ways, without using any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Look for a pomade that is water based and uses the best essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Price: Even though pomade is considered a premium hair care product, it’s not that expensive. You’ll be hard pressed to find a worthwhile pomade that sells for the same price as a bargain brand styling gel. However, you can find some great pomade that is priced about the same as (or less than) other salon-style, premium products.

Passion: People producing pomade tend to care about the commodity they are making. There aren’t that many big brands competing for the pomade market. It’s not as large of a vertical for them. Pomade is not a fad, but it is a grooming product for people that really care about their hair. The same way users go the extra mile with their appearance, a boutique pomade company goes the full distance with their product.

Cons of Pomade

Recognition: Pomade is not as well known as hair styling gel. This means you might not be able to walk into any store and pick up a jar of pomade. You’ll need to find a good retailer of the pomade. If you’re looking for a recommendation, be sure to check the end of the article.

Production: The same way you need the right retailer, you need to research the manufacturer making your pomade. Not all pomades are made the same way. Find the right people to get your Pomade from. Make sure they’re using all natural and/or organic ingredients.

Pomade or Hair Styling Gel - What Should I Buy?

After comparing and contrasting these two different hair products, which sounds better to you?

Hair styling gels are widely-available and cheap. If you care about what you put in your hair, do your research on what’s in the hair gel. There might be chemicals or other ingredients in the styling gel that will harm your hair. You might save a few bucks buying your hair gel from a large cosmetics corporation. Just go to a convenience store and grab any bottle.

Pomade hair oil is a premium product for people that care about their hair. It’s priced similar to other top-tier haircare items. When you buy an all natural pomade from a boutique retailer; you invest in your hair’s style and health, and you support a passionate business.

Try pomade today - order a jar of Arganade premium pomade. Arganade is dedicated to all natural male hair oils and grooming products. Read more about Arganade and check out their offerings.


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