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Grooming Kit

Looking sharp and well groomed can improve a man’s confidence. If you’re looking to step up your grooming game, keep reading. We’ve got seven simple suggestions that will have you looking great in no time.

Seven Top Grooming Tips For Men

1. Care for Your Skin with Consistency

Regularly wash your face and exfoliate your skin. Warm - a quality wash cloth are the start to every good skin care routine. However, everybody has a different skin type and you need to identify yours. Look at the labels and top men’s grooming products that are right for your unique dermis.

Be sure to cleanse your skin in the morning, after working out and before bed at night. Apply moisturizer after you shower or shave. This rejuvenates your skin and helps it “look young.” If you’re going to be outdoors, wear sunscreen - even on a normal day. It will only help preserve your skin’s health.

2. Take Good Care of Your Teeth

It’s one of the first grooming habits we learn as little boys - and it may be the most important to keep up on. Good dental health and lead to a longer and better life.

Brush your teeth at least two times a day. Change your toothbrush every quarter. Floss daily to clean the hard to reach spaces between the teeth and gums. Be sure to see a dentist or oral hygienist every six months for a check-up and deep cleaning.

3. Develop Your Trademark Fragrance

A fragrance should accent your style, but never overpower your presence. It’s like a tambourine accenting the rhythm section’s beat - not a guitar stealing the show with a solo. Cologne, aftershave or essential oils - whatever you choose, use these grooming products to help define you!

Choosing a scent is as simple as trying a few and finding the one that resonates the most with you. Sampling different aromas before you buy the product can help you decide what you like and don’t like. Find one or two products that work for you. Consider swapping scents up with the seasons - crisp and herbal for the colder months, breezy and citrus for the summer.

4. Control Your Beard, Don’t Let It Control You.

The scruffy look can be quite cool, but it can easily border on unkempt. Don’t let your beard become a furry, untamed beast.

Don’t buy cheap razors. Invest in a quality shaving tool with a stainless steel blade, a flexible razor head and a comfortable grip. You can use an electric shaver or trimmer if you prefer, just make sure to clean and sanitize the device regularly.

Use after shave to care for any nicks or minor cuts you may have during shaving. Keep your beard extra clean, reduce itch and make your beard look its best with Arganade beard oil.

5. Pamper Your Hands

We use our hands everyday and for just about everything. Just think about everything you’ve done with your hands today. Aside from washing and drying them, have you done much more for their well being?

It’s important to treat your skin with special care. Avoid using cheap soaps, like the kind you find in public bathrooms. Treat your hands with vaseline, especially after a long day of work. Wear gloves during rugged jobs and manual labor. Clean under your nails with soap and water before and after trimming them. Good hand care habits can prevent beaten palms, skin spots and unhealthy nails.

7. Create Easy Styles That Work For You

The most important thing about looking good is feeling good. You want to be realistic with your grooming habits and put together a style system that works for you.

How can you do this? First, decide what styles you want to try out. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! It’s good to experiment and try different looks that you can always change.

Put together a grooming kit with combs, essential oils and other healthcare products. Once you have these top men’s grooming products in your kit, you’ll have the basic tools you need to create a wealth of styles.

After playing around and trying on new things, you’re sure to find a look you love. Remember, creating style is just as much a process as it is a result - enjoy the journey to your fashionable destination!

Top Men’s Grooming Habits And You

- Care for your skin so it will look good for a lifetime.

- Maintain proper oral hygiene habits for a good-looking smile and a healthier life.

- Find a fragrance that compliments your personality and it will add depth to your fashion profile.

- Manage your facial hair or beard and don’t let it grow out of control.

- Tend to your hands with a specific pampering routine.

- Realize that male grooming and fashion is bigger than the products in your kit - create look(s) that make you feel good!

Have any grooming tips you want to add? Contact us or comment here!

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