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Searching for the Best Men’s Grooming Products? Go No Further!

There has been an explosion in men’s grooming products over the last decade. This explosion has also led to a lot of confusion for men seeking high quality grooming products they can count on. A search on the web will take you to any number of places, all with great reviews and testimonials. There are any number of sites that review products and give you recommendations based on their trials and experience. These are all valuable, of course, and can help you find beard oil here or a pomade over there. But is there one place you can go where you can get everything you need for your grooming - with top quality products at a great price? Let me introduce you to Arganade, your one-stop site for quality men’s grooming products.

Arganade Products for Men

Arganade was created in 2015 by men for men. As they say in their mission statement, they want guys to live wild while looking styled and their hair and beard products are developed to deliver. They specialize in hair and beard products, but within those categories they offer a range of products for different hairstyles, types, and personal preferences. A review of their mission statement tells you everything you want to know!

Criteria for Grooming Products

What makes a top grooming product? It all comes down to quality, performance, and price. You need a great product you can use daily. That means ease of use and a price you can afford. It also means a product that doesn’t damage your hair and that fits your appearance and hairstyle. There are many grooming products available outside of your hair and beard you should know about, like skin creams and shaving oils.

Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ on the human body and it is exposed to the elements daily. It is your barrier against that environment and sometimes it suffers. So it is a good idea to take care of it - and to make sure it looks great. So here are some top skin care grooming products to consider:

● Marlowe No. 104 Body Scrub and Wash - Loaded with green-tea antioxidant, the natural extracts in this product will soothe irritated skin immediately. It is a great exfoliating wash for the most sensitive skin. Voted top Body Scrub and Wash in a Men’s Health Comparison test!

● Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream - Winner of the 2016 AskMen Grooming Awards, this citrus-scented cream is a dense, daily moisturizer for your face. No need to worry about any burn from the citrus, either, after you’ve shaved. A little more expensive but, in this case, the quality equates to the price.

● Anthony Hand Cream - Returning to the Men’s Health Comparison, this hand cream was their top pick. The special formula contains alpha hydroxy acids that will treat the rough skin of your hands from work and play outdoors.

Shave Care

Not surprisingly, scraping stubbly hair off your face with a sharp blade can be irritating! Using shaving soap, the historic solution, can also leave your face a little dry. Recently shave oils, butter, and creams have become more popular due to their soothing effect on skin and softening effect on beards. Here are few top products to consider.

● Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shave Cream - This cream topped the AskMen Grooming Awards for best Shave Cream. The cream is glycerin-based and has a great aroma that has a sleek texture to protect your skin. It doesn’t take much product for a full shave and is very easy on the skin.

● Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream - For a guy, it doesn’t get much better than the odor of sandalwood. It is a scent that evokes manhood without being overpowering. When it is placed in a shave cream that soothes your face and contain ingredients to help heal skin blemishes and ingrown hairs.


Men’s deodorants are often an afterthought in the grooming pantheon. The all day protection of a great deodorant, with an attractive odor, is essential whether on the go, on a job in the open, or in the office. Here are a few top choices!

● Degree Men Active Shield - This product is great for the active man out in the elements. It will keep you dry when the heavy perspiration starts!

● Baxter of California Citrus and Herbal-Musk - This deodorant provides great protection along with a great scent. It is an invisible solid gel that doesn’t flake. The essential oils in its formula protects against body odor.

Arganade ( has a line of high quality products for your hair and beard that will go great with any of your grooming tools and work to give your hair, your beard - and you - your best look! Try their pomades and beard oils for a great styling experience!


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