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Pomade That Could Pass for a Gel?

Looking for a great pomade at a great price that gives outstanding hold? Suavecito pomade may be exactly the product you are looking to add to your hair regime! You may have heard of Suavecito as it is pretty highly rated by many men’s magazines and lifestyle sites. It is most commonly compared to the popular Layrite pomade in terms of its characteristics, and at about half the price it is easy to like Suavecito!

What is Special About Suavecito?

Some descriptions will say that Suavecito is creamy, but it doesn’t appear to be so. This may have to do with how easily it combs into your hair. However, when you open your jar of Suavecito, you’ll see that it has an amber color and looks like rich honey. Its scent is a little bit of a throwback, but not unpleasant. As with all hair products, you’ll have to make your own judgment about your scent! When you dip into Suavecito, things begin to get interesting. The feel of Suavecito is smooth between your hands and not sticky at all and has the consistency of a thick hair gel. When you apply it, which we’ll get to in a moment, you will find it will set like a gel. This has its good and bad points, but is definitely a surprise. The point is, that while it goes in easily, and has a nice scent, it has a firm to strong hold reminiscent of gel products.

Applying the Product

The amount of control you get from the product will definitely vary with how much you use. If you use a quarter sized dollop, it will hold shorter to longer hair in place. The hold for a heavy application is sort of medium to strong hold. However, using a bit on the tip of your finger will give you a light hold with a natural look. Make sure to apply it in different directions and rub it into your hair, slightly damp or right after blow drying and comb it to your style. It has an easy application, doesn’t pull, and will give you time to work before it sets. If you use a small amount on dry hair, then break it up with your fingers, you can get a light and natural look.

Appearance of Your Hair

The shine from Suavecito is definitely not matte or oily-shiny, with a medium shine. It also isn’t heavy, so you can get a high hold on short hair without causing it to go limp. Now, because it does set stiff like a gel, it isn’t forgiving in the wind and weather. A trip on your bike can definitely cause some wildness. But as it is water based, a quick refresher with some water will help you get your hair back in place quickly. This also means it is easy to wash out and won’t stick to your hair.

Draw Backs?

Besides being a little prone to getting blown around and sticking in that position, the smell is something to consider. It isn’t for everyone, but many enjoy the fragrance! But those are the only potential drawbacks to the product and at the price, for the ease, and the control, you can’t miss with Suavecito. So if you are looking for a pomade that will set like a gel, yet work easily and reactivate with a touch of water - at a great price - Suavecito may be your best bet.

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