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Pomade For Your Modern Retro Hairstyle

Pomades are a very popular hair product for men today, especially with the prevalence of hairstyles with a longer cut that require control. Pomades have been around for many years and were originally concoctions of lard, beeswax, and lanolin among other substances. Traditional pomades were and are oil based and render a slick texture. For a lighter touch, water-based pomades have become very popular as they are easy to apply and wash out easily. There are, of course, a variety of pomades from gels to waxes that give a variety of holds and sheens. The challenge is to find the right pomade for your hair.

What Does Your Hairstyle Need?

Oil based pomades are known for having a very strong hold, with a shiny and greasier look than water based pomades. They will replace a lot of oil in your hair if you tend toward dry hair, but being oil-based, these pomades do not wash out well. A water-based pomade is usually a little more expensive, but it gives you the same shiny look while washing away in the shower. It will provide a light hold and let your hair maintain some flexibility. What you should use all depends on your type of hair (straight, curly, etc.) and your hairstyle. Longer styles like a pompadour require quite a bit of hold, for instance.

How To Use A Pomade!

First, you want your hair to be a little damp, not dry. Give your hair a rub and comb, finish your ablutions, and then you should be ready to come back and apply your pomade. How much to use is another experiment and you will hear a number of opinions from a spot the size of a dime to larger. As there are a variety of products, controls, and hairstyles this is just another area you will have to get right for YOU. It is best to start with a small amount and work up as needed. After you put the pomade in your palm, rub your hands and fingers together. Once you have it well spread on both hands, massage the product into your hair. Come from both sides of your head and apply it as if you were rubbing in shampoo. Run your fingers through your hair, front to back and back to front. This should evenly distribute the product.

Comb or Brush?

Again, it depends on your hairstyle, but in general a comb is easier to get good control and an even part. But, hey, if you want a messier look you can even just use your hands. In any case, use the comb to create a part in your hair and then proceed to style per your cut. As a hint, to keep the part all day, apply a little more pomade in the part for extra hold. If you want to slick back your hair, then a brush is the best bet as it will eliminate tangles. After you brush your hair back, apply the pomade in the same way and, after you get the pomade worked in, use your hands to finish by pushing your hair back using your palms. Then, you can finish the look with a brush or comb to your preference.

Don’t Forget The Back!

You can’t see the back of your head, but that is all everybody behind you will see! Here is where you can also use a little extra pomade and wipe it down the back of your hair from the top downward.

Pomade is a wonderful product and can make you look great - if you use it the right way! As mentioned, the key is to treat it as an adventure and experiment with different types of pomades until you find the one that works for your hair and hairstyle. Also, remember to get dressed first - or wash your hands thoroughly - or you’ll be wearing the pomade on more than your hair!

Arganade ( has a great line of high quality products for your hair that will go great with any of these tools and work to give your hair - and you - your best look! Try their Premium Pomade with argan oil and coconut oil. It is natural and will nourish your hair while adding shine and a medium hold.


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