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Oribe or Arganade? Comparing Two Premium Pomades for Men

Looking to try a pomade for men but you’re not sure which brands to try? Here’s two examples of a pomade hair product: Oribe and Arganade pomade.

Compare these two brands with the following three factors:

- Who is this company and what else do they make?

- What ingredients are in their pomade?

- Where can you buy the best pomade and how much does it cost?

Check out Arganade and Oribe pomade and find which one of right for you. To learn more about Arganade, or for more style and hair care tips, head over to this blog.

Oribe Pomade

Oribe makes premiere lifestyle and beauty products, including a petroleum based pomade.

Oribe Makes Many Hair Products

Pomade is just one of the many items that the Oribe brand offers. Their retail and cosmetics lines range all the way from shampoo & conditioner to Hollywood screen quality make-up.

The entire Oribe collection has style and grooming products for both men and women. Because Oribe is considered a lifestyle brand, they also make accessories. That includes a flat hair brush from their website for $226.

Oribe Uses Beeswax and Petrolatum to make Oribe Pomade

Petrolatum is another term for petroleum jelly - a traditional hair care product comprised of hydrocarbons that are derived from petroleum.

When combined with beeswax, this makes for a strong hold. Oribe warns your hair isn’t going anywhere, and Oribe pomade may be hard to wash out.

Oribe is Available All Over

You can shop for Oribe pomade in big box retailers like Walmart and CVS. Pick it up while you shop for other things you need.

While it’s conveniently available, Oribe pomade has a premium price tag. If you buy directly from Oribe, the pomade sells for $39.99.

Arganade Pomade

All natural ingredients come together in an artisan level hair product.

Arganade Only Makes Two Things - Pomade and Beard Oil

Arganade and the boutique group of people behind their products have focused on just two grooming products: beard oil and pomade for men.

Rather than try to make something for everyone, Arganade pomade is made for tastemakers. Arganade makes products for the fashionable man - whether that’s you or someone you care about.

Arganade Uses Moroccan Argan Oils to make Arganade Pomade

The two main ingredients in Arganade premium pomade are Argan Oil from Morocco and coconut oil. The water based, proprietary mixture is made from all natural ingredients, with no artificial additives.

Arganade delivers the superior hold you expect from a premium pomade. It also feels good in your hair and helps its health. Arganade pomade hydrates your hair and moisturizes your skin all while keeping you styling.

Arganade Pomade is Sold Exclusively Online

You can only buy Arganade premium pomade directly from the people who make it. Click here to view the product.

Arganade provides a great value. At only $20 a jar, It’s more affordable than Oribe. Also, you get more pomade with one unit of Arganade that you get with Oribe (2.0 oz Vs 1.7 oz)

Choose The Right Pomade for You

Consider the people who make your pomade and why they make their products. Is it about passion and innovation? Or profit and market saturation? Who uses their pomade and why?

What do they use to make your pomade? Are the ingredients they use good for your hair?

Don’t just decide based on price, but consider the total value that both brands offer you.

Find Oribe pomade and other Oribe hair products at your local beauty supply store.

Shop Arganage premium pomade and beard oil only at


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