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Is The Pompadour Right For You?

The Pompadour name and style that we know today originates from a mistress of an 18th century French king. Until the era of the king of rock and roll, the Pompadour was worn predominantly by women. Today, celebrities, movie stars, and athletes are all rocking this look, but what is it?

The easiest way to put it is; a styling of the top of the hair that is loosely pulled back at an angle. The sides are most commonly worn combed downward in a neat fashion.

What's Needed?

 The first that is required to style the pomp is at least 7 cm of hair. If you are starting to lose your hair on top, this may not be the best look for you. The most successful pompadour’s are worn by men with straight hair.

DIY Pompadour Styling

  1. Dampen hair

  2. Comb hair to position desired by combing from forehead to back of head

  3. Grad a nickel-sized amount of Arganade pomade. Rub in hands to activate the products heat and hold

  4. Apply the product by coating over the top of style

  5. Use your hands to push forward the hair you combed back until it arcs up


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