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How to Choose the Best Pomade for You

Are you looking for the right pomade for your hair? Have you tried a few different pomades, but have yet to find the right one? Or are you not sure what to look for in a premium pomade?

Learn about pomade - what it is and why it’s a popular hair care product for men. Then, read about what to look for in a top pomade, and how to choose the best product for you.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is popular alternative to hair gel and Mousee because pomade has a long lasting hold. It doesn’t leave hair feeling greasy or oily. Rather, the right pomade can actually provide nourishing vitamins and essential oils to the wearer’s hair.

The original pomades were made from natural ingredients like lard and beeswax Today, most pomades are water or petroleum based.

Pomade is typically used for:

- Slicked back, “greaser” or “rockabilly” hairstyles.

- Neat and orderly hair combed into a particular part.

- Relaxed long hair that needs a little structure.

- The organized chaos of bedhead hair.

- Classic male hairstyles, like the pompadour.

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How to Choose the Best Pomade for You

Check out these different factors to consider when purchasing pomade. Take a look at each of the attributes and figure out what’s most important to you.

1. Ingredients

Not all haircare products are created equally. While the original pomades were made entirely from plant and animal substances, the pomades of today can be natural or artificial. Check out the ingredients on your pomade packaging. If you can’t find them there, check the manufacturer’s website. While most hair gels, waxes and other products use chemicals in their manufacturing, pomade can be much simpler. Look for a pomade with nourishing, simple and recognizable ingredients.

2. Pomade Brand

Who are the people who make your hair care products? And what’s their motivation? How does your pomade manufacturer determine success - in their number or sales or in the quality of their products? A large company with many health and beauty verticals will always look at their bottom line first. When you shop from a boutique company - like Arganade - you’re supporting people that disrupt the health and beauty industry status quo. Look for a Pomade brand that puts the quality of their product before all else.

3. Customer Satisfaction

One of the most surefire ways to determine if a popular pomade is right for you is to check the customer reviews. Why do people choose this particular brand of pomade? What’s the best part about using it? Are there any difficulties or shortcomings with the product? Check out Amazon user reviews and search what people have to say about a particular brand of Pomade.

4. Water or Petroleum Base

The first ingredient on your pomade can be the most important. What hairstyle(s) you’re looking to achieve helps decide if you want a water or petroleum based pomade. Oil based pomades don’t dissolve under water. This is great if you want a regimented and strong hold. However, petroleum based pomades tend to “stick around” and are hard to wash out of your hair. A water based pomade washes out much easier, but still holds up all day. Water based pomades feel less “greasy” and they’re ideal for sensitive scalps.

5. Price

How much does your preferred pomade cost? Popular pomades can be expensive - but that doesn’t guarantee quality. You can try a fantastic, salon-quality pomade for men for the same price as a designer hair gel. Keep reading and find out how.

Arganade Premium Pomade for Men

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