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Hair Care Grooming - The Kit You Need!

Men’s Hair Care

It appears that with today’s hairstyles, the days of getting by with a comb for your hair have passed. Using a variety of products for different hairstyles and types has led to an expansion and refinement of the tools used to care for hair. There are many types of hair and many ways it can be styled but we must also consider the predominance of facial hair and manscaping rituals that seem to be a part of today’s “hairscape”. Since we all want to look our best, let’s take a look at some of the best implements to use for different types of hair, different hairstyles, facial and body hair, and the products you may use.

Hairstyling Tools and Hair Accessories

Hairstyling tools are used to shape your hair by working in tandem with your hair type and hair products. I will leave it to each of you to recognize your particular hair type during this discussion and select the appropriate tools for the job. Just as with your mechanical toolbox, your hair toolbox should have a variety of tools specific to the jobs at hand. Here are some basic tools you want to have on hand.

The Comb

Combs have always been the basic implement of haircare. Whether made from bone, wood, metal or plastic they have served Mankind for centuries. Easy to carry and useful for a wide variety of hair, the comb is your basic tool in your kit. By what type of comb do you need or should you use? There are three types of combs to choose from, not counting different materials it may be made of: regular, wide-tooth or picks.

A regular comb is for men with straight hair who sweep their hair back into pompadours or swept back or styles like “The Clooney” popularized by actor George Clooney. It can be used with a wide variety of pomades, gels, and other styling products.

A wide-tooth comb, as the name implies, has wider gaps between the teeth than a regular comb. This type of comb is better for men with curly, kinky, or coiled hair. They are also very useful for detangling knotted or matted hair. Again, the wide-toothed comb can be used with any products for your particular hairstyle.

The hair pick is almost exclusively used for very kinky hair. It lets you get the kinks out, so to speak, and allow your hair to stand away from the head when it may have been flattened. The hair pick came into prominence with the Afro hairstyles and works very well to untangle kinky hair. As a wide tooth design, it is also very forgiving with a variety of products.

There are also small combs that are essential for facial hair, as well. Used for grooming mustaches and beards, they follow the same trends for different textures of hair. The are all useful with a wide variety of mustache/beard oils and waxes used for styling.

The Brush

Second only to the comb in its widespread use, because the comb is easier to carry, the hair brush is an essential tool for men. It can be used with a variety of hair types and the same regular bristle or thick bristle or wide bristle configurations as the comb apply for straight, curly and kinky hair. It can also be used effectively with a flat iron, to straighten hair, and the hair dryer to add volume. Make sure to get a brush with natural bristles, however, and a massage brush with rounded/rubber/wood bristles.

Hair Dryers

As you might already know, or have guessed, the good old hair dryer is to dry your hair faster. For some with more experience in hairstyling, you know it can also be used for styling your hair into particular shapes and adding volume. But how often should you use a hair dryer? Using it too often can damage your hair, so you should limit using a hair dryer to every other day AND use a heat-protecting hair product prior to using it! The hair dryer can be used with the good old comb or various brushes to get the volume and look you want.

Hair Clippers

Hair clippers can vary quite a bit these days. From styling and trimming to buzzing to a nearly shaved length, the hair clipper is a great tool to have at home. It will open up experimenting with new styles and can be used for “in-between” barber appointments grooming. Clippers are also great for trimming and styling facial hair, including mustaches, beards, and sideburns. Clippers also provide the ability to Manscape and get rid of unwanted body hair in various areas. Of course clippers should be used carefully as one slip can get you a new hairstyle very quickly! Take time, experiment slowly, and learn how to use your tools. If you do, using at home clippers can be a great time and money saver while delivering a fresh, well groomed appearance.

Less Hair Where You Want It...More Where You Don’t

As we get older, many of us have that issue of losing hair where you want to keep it and growing it where you don’t want it. Of course some young men have this issue as well and have to deal with it. This is where your clipper comes in. If you’ve gone a little bald, a close cut head of hair looks great and deemphasizes the contrast between areas with and without hair. Styling trimmers, or specialty trimmers, can also be great for getting rid of nose and ear hair when it pops up. Just don’t get carried away as they do have a function in filtering out particulates.

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