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Finding a Luxury Pomade that Smells Fantastic

As anyone dedicated to maintaining their hair and creating a great hairstyle knows, there are many pomades available on the market. The pomade you use is always a matter of your hair, your style, and your personal taste. Locating just the right pomade can be a challenge and an adventure, but we are sure you are ready to explore. Here are some great luxury pomades you can try, if you haven’t already, that will feel great, look great, and smell great.

Great Smelling Pomades that are Luxurious

Luxury derives from many characteristics. These pomades are both high quality and great smelling!

Rumble 59's hair grease Schmiere - if you have a rockabilly look, Rumble 59 has a wide variety of pomades that will meet all your retro hairstyle needs. Scents vary from orange/citrus, to cherry, to sea breeze and others. You can’t miss trying out the wide variety of pomades available from Rumble 59.

King Brown pomade - a classic pomade product developed relatively recently in Australia. Like most pomades there are oily to waxy products, but it is the smell that is unique. The throwback smell of tobacco/vanilla that puts you into those old dive joints with jazz music.

Uppercut Deluxe pomade - another Australian brand that has made its way to America, this pomade is a root beer colored gel that has a good hold without being heavy. The best part is the coconut smell of the product, evoking a bit of that beach side coconut tanning oil effect.

Layrite pomade - an orange colored, water-based gel pomade with good hold, Layrite is becoming a well known pomade for its hold and texture. A big part of its popularity though is its vanilla smell that will be sure to work up some hunger in attractive noses.

American Crew pomade - a medium hold, water-based pomade with Lanolin, American Crew is good for a classic, slicked back looks or for control in any hair type - even curly hair. The scent of the pomade is like a fine men’s cologne with a musky aroma. The American Crew product information says they went to special lengths to mix a variety of fragrances to find just the right scent to be appreciated by men and loved by women.

Suavecito (regular hold) - the original Suavecito that is comparable to the Layrite pomade, Suavecito is a less-expensive alternative for the same control and, like American Crew, presents a musky, some say soapy, scent that is very like a cologne.

Imperial Barber Fibre pomade - is a fibre pomade, as the name indicates. A gel pomade that is more goopy than jelly, it has a low shine with medium-light hold. The unique watermelon bubble gum scent is distinctive and fun!

Railcar Fine Goods pomade - another water-based gel pomade from the US with a medium light hold but good control. This product has probably the finest cologne type smell of all the pomades and is well known and well regarded in the hairstyling world.

High Life Heavy pomade - this is the heaviest pomade on the market and hold very well, as you might expect. Great for shaping and sculpting thick hair with a super tight hold for pompadours, flattops, and short quiffs. As with the Uppercut Deluxe pomade, this product has a coconut scent that isn’t overpowering and is very pleasant.

Lockhart's Medium pomade - has a waxy strength but with the shine and slickness of a grease, which is due to the dual nature of the product with a hard waxy top and core of creamy grease. Along with this great control you get an Arabian sandlewood scent that lends a tangy scent to your hair.

Black and White pomade - is one a popular vintage brand and a classic pomade that hasn’t changed since it was developed in 1922. Black & White is a waxy, light medium pomade with a light hold with a classic matte finish and classic talc powder scent.

Sweet Georgia Brown pomade (original and super hold) - is another established and well known classic pomade from the US. As you might expect, the super hold has a stiffer hold than the original and you will need to find the right one for you style from among the entire Sweet Georgia Brown family of products. Both are somewhat malleable rather than stiff and they spread easily. But along with the classic formula comes a wonderful grape smell that is very pleasant.

Reuzel Pink pomade - is a wax/grease pomade that has a heavy hold with a medium sheen. Natural ingredients, but not organic with petroleum and other chemicals, this pomade has an excellent hold and works well for long hair. It has a classic pomme smell with notes of salsa!

Arganade ( has a great line of high quality products for your hair that will go great with any of these tools and work to give your hair - and you - your best look!


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