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Coconut Oil - A Wonder Product for Men?

Coconut oil is enjoying a great deal of popularity due to its many uses and benefits in variety of uses. Coconut oil is used in homeopathic medicine, for cooking, in beauty products, and a whole host of other applications. One area where it has made inroads is in skin and hair care products for men. This is due to its effectiveness in these uses, its pleasant smell, and its status as a natural product.

What Does Coconut Oil Do?

Coconut oil is, of course, a natural and edible oil made from coconuts. While it is used in cooking, the coconut oil used in hair care products and cosmetics is a refined coconut oil instead of a raw coconut oil. That means that bacteria and germs have been killed in the refined coconut oil but the desirable smell remains. In general, coconut oil replaces other oils used in these personal care products, especially petroleum oils. In terms of hair care, coconut has many benefits. It has been shown to reduce protein loss as the fatty acids in the oil penetrate the hair shaft and lock the proteins inside. This is especially true for dry, curly, and frizzy hair.

What Are the Uses and Benefits?

Coconut oil, as described, is used in many products as virgin, unrefined, or refined oil. Aside from cooking, with its natural health benefits in lowering cholesterol and reducing weight, coconut oil is also used in many personal care products as a skin moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, makeup remover, lip balm, toothpaste, deodorant, massage oil, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunburn remedy, cold sore treatment, anti-fungal cream, or sulfate free shampoo.

For men specifically, some of the interesting uses include:

● Using coconut oil as a shaving oil/cream - you warm a dab in your palm and rub it on the area you are shaving. Then shave, rinse, and pat dry. It will moisturize your face, soothe razor burn, and help prevent other skin irritation.

● In-grown Hair Prevention - One irritation from shaving that can be problematic is in-grown hairs. Coconut oil will soften the skin in areas you shave, or other areas where your bumps and infections usually occur, which will allow the hair to easily penetrate the skin. It also kills bacteria around the hair so that infections don’t occur.

Coconut Oil For Your Hair

As discussed, coconut oil is used as a natural replacement for man made oils in hair products. So coconut oil based hair products are available on the market. You can use coconut oil alone as a shampoo to reduce dandruff, as a detangler and conditioner, or hair texturizer and gel replacement.

If you want to go totally natural and use coconut oil as your hair gel, it does have the advantage of avoiding any other chemicals that may be in the products, like alcohol and other chemicals. Used in this manner, you will just rub the coconut oil into the ends of your hair working from the roots to the ends. It will have a great shine and prevent flyaways, while having a great smell! If you rinse, make sure to wait at least 30 minutes for the oil to soak into your hair. Why rinse? Some men prefer to reduce what can be a heavy coconut smell by rinsing their hair or to remove some of the oil if they apply too much.

Commercial Hair Care Products

If you are looking for some great off-the-shelf hair products containing coconut oil, there are many on the market. Here are some you can try:

● Herbivore Texturizing Salt Spray - Called Sea Mist, this texturizer is a beach wave spray that contains salt - as beach wave sprays do! The coconut oil in the spray counteracts the salt and keeps your hair hydrated!

● Natural Curl Definer - Using jojoba in concert with coconut oil, you get the moisturizing effect of the oil with the bounce from the jojoba! DevaCurl Supercream is a good example of this type of product.

● Cleansing OIl for Dry Hair - The Ouidad cleansing oil combines coconut oil with mafura butter and kalahari melon seed oil to remove dirt and lock in moisture. This is also a water-activated cleanser, so use while your hair is wet! This is good for men with dry hair.

● Serge Normant Intense Hair Treatment - If you have brittle, damaged hair, which usually happens with intense outdoor activities in summer, this coconut oil based hair repair will rehydrate and repair your hair. Just work it in, let rest for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it out to restore your hair.

Arganade ( has a line of high quality products for your hair and beard that will go great with any of your grooming tools and work to give your hair, your beard - and you - your best look! Try their pomades or their Whisky Cider Beard Oil for your beard - it is a real treat!


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