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Baxter Pomade or Arganade Pomade? How to Choose The Right Pomade Hair Oil For You

If you’re trying to decide what brand of pomade to buy, use this article as a starting point. It takes a look at Baxter of California - what ingredients are used, the different types of pomades they offer and the company itself. Then, a comparison of how these same attributes apply to Arganade pomade. Finally, there’s advice for which pomade you should buy and how to choose the right one for you.

Baxter Pomade

Baxter of California - or Baxter, for short - may make the most recognized brand of pomade in the United States. Maybe you’ve seen their products in a big box retailer or at a beauty and cosmetics store.

One of the reasons Baxter pomade is so widely available is because it can be manufactured in large quantities. The ingredients used to produce this pomade can be manufactured in large batches. Although the formula to make Baxter may look complex, a lot of the elements in Baxter can also be found in other chemicals and products.

Baxter offers a variety of pomade styles for different types of hair. Their guide to which pomade is right for you will suggest one of five different pomades to the reader: clay pomade, cream pomade, hard cream pomade, hard water pomade and soft water pomade.

Each “flavor” of pomade utilizes different mixtures of the primary chemicals and ingredients. The intention is a different effect to the pomades hold or finish. However, the usefulness of these different Baxter brands are up for debate.

In order for pomade to produce a variety of different looks, it only needs two things: quality ingredients and correct application. If the pomade is made from superior ingredients, it will do the application that it's intended to do. The user needs to know how to use the pomade, too. It’s as simple as watching a video or looking up how to achieve the hairstyle you want.

Arganade Pomade

Arganade Pomade by B. Ruth is made from just a few simple, natural ingredients. It’s a water based hair care product with no soybean or vegetable oils added. Arganade uses a proprietary Moroccan argan and coconut oil blend for their pomade.

This all-natural recipe of pomade is produce in small batches. The boutique company behind Arganade was born from a passion for making the best haircare products in the world. They also make beard oil. Arganade regularly publishes articles to their blog. Their content includes grooming tips for men, trends in fashion and style, and product information.

Because Argande pomade is only made from natural ingredients, it won’t do damage to your hair. It’s designed to nourish your scalp. The essential nutrients in Arganade pomade are designed to rejuvenate your hair. Arganade pomade is used to create a lot of different hairstyles, but it can also nurture your hair’s health.

Rather than manufacture a lot of different “flavors” of pomade, Arganade pomade is made for everyone. Just learn how to use it. Once you know the hairstyle you want to try and the best way to apply pomade, you’re good to go! Arganade pomade is an ideal hair oil for trying out new hairstyles. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes because the oil doesn’t damage your hair.

How To Choose The Right Pomade Hair Oil For You

So, which pomade oil should you buy? Consider these things when deciding which pomade oil is right for you. Ask yourself a few questions and the answer will be clear.

- Ingredients. Arganade pomade is composed from the finest Moroccan and coconut oils. Baxter uses almost two dozen different ingredients to make their pomade.

- Style of Pomade. Do you want flashy marketing and convenient availability? Baxter believes that different hairstyles need different kinds of pomade. Arganade offers one quality pomade hair oil that everyone can use.

- Company. Do you care about who makes your pomade? Baxter has developed a haircare product that can deliver a large scale consumer solution. Arganade focuses on creating high quality pomade in small batches.

- Specialty. Baxter of California has products across all beauty verticals: hair care, shave, skin care, body care, and even lifestyle products! Baxter is a big brand name with the SKUs to match. Arganade has just two core products: pomade and beard oil.

- Price. You’d think buying an all natural, small batch pomade would cost ten times more than a mass marketed haircare product. However, that’s not the case. Depending on where you buy, the price for either Baxter or Arganade brand pomade is about the same.

With the exception of market size and availability of the product, Arganade offers a lot more with their pomade. They use just a few all natural ingredients instead of a bunch of chemicals. Arganade is a small company specializing just in pomade and beard oil. Give them a try and see for yourself.


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