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Baxter of California Clay Pomade - Strong Hold, Easy to Work

Baxter Clay Pomade is fiber type pomade known for its robust hold as a texturizing hair care product. It contains bentonite and beeswax, which provide the hold, and has an herb scent provided by fennel, lemon peel and sage. Here as some key points to consider for this pomade.

Can You Work It?

This pomade is like other pomades in the clay and fiber category. They all provide hair striation and separation with superior volume and shaping due to the hold. Baxter Clay Pomade looks like other clay pomades in the jar and can be dipped out just the same. The surprising aspect is once you work the product in your hands, it gets creamy and is easy to work and apply. This may be due to the fact that this is oil-based pomade instead of water-based, like Baxter’s other products like its Cream Pomade.

Application, Hold, and Appearance

As with all pomades, you want to work from the roots to the tips. Due to the hold and separation of this product, it is popular for finger-combing style pompadours. For a truly tall pompadour, you are still going to want to use a styling comb! You can apply the product to slightly damp or dry hair for different styles and to all hair types. As a texturizing pomade, the separation it provides is just the right amount for volumization without too much separation that makes the style fall apart. It will provide a controlled appearance with a matte sheen and will last pretty well through the day, but may require touch ups especially if out in the sun. It does tend to dry out in hot temperatures and direct sun and it gets hard to style. As with most all clay pomades, when it gets dry your hair goes with it and can feel a little damaged. The good news is it washes right out of your hair with one wash and rinse of the shampoo.

Clean Look

Due to its control and matte finish, absent significant direct sun, you can count on an all-day hold with a light, finished look. You’ll have no oily sheen and can maintain your shape. As this is not a water-based product, however, you can't reactivate it with a little water. But a little dab if you need it will restore control. The best part is, it will never leave you looking like you are wearing a plastic toupee.

Other Baxter Pomades

Baxter of California is known for its simple, but refined, approach to men’s grooming. Since 1965 they have been delivering a product line that merges the best skin and haircare products into a graceful, cohesive aesthetic. Baxter has a complete line of pomades with different characteristics for your hair and style, including:

Cream Pomade - with a light hold and a natural finish, featuring natural ingredients, Baxter of California Cream Pomade provides definition and eliminated frizzy hair. With a low shine, this cream softens your hair and smooths it in different hairstyles. This cream is water-based, which means it is easy to reactivate on the go to refresh your control and style.

Hard Water Pomade - The Baxter Hard Water pomade is also water-based like their Cream Pomade, but has a stronger hold and is a fiber texturizer that provides volume and separation with a nice shine. This pomade holds all-day and can be reactivated if you get in the wind. It is great for various hairstyles and washes out clean.

Soft Water Pomade - This styling clay provide volume and separation of the hair, as well, but has a lighter hold than the Hard Water Pomade or Clay Pomade. Still, it provides an all-day hold that can be reactivated with a little water, like other water-based pomades.

While the Clay Pomade has a more herbal scent, these other pomades have more of the Baxter citrus fragrance motes that people identify with their products.

Arganade ( also has a line of high quality products for your hair and beard that will go great with any of you’re grooming tools and work to give your hair, your beard - and you - your best look! Try their pomades and beard oils for a great styling experience!


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