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All You Need to Know About Beard Oil

Are you curious about beard oil, but you haven’t tried it yet? Maybe you’re not sure how to use beard oil, or you don’t know what beard oil you should buy. Keep reading and have all your questions answered.

Find out what exactly beard oil is and what it’s made of. Learn how to use beard oil to style your facial hair. Check out where you can buy beard oil, and what beard oil will give you the best looking beard.

Have you used beard oil in the past? What were your experiences like? Do you have any style tips you want to share? Head over to the Arganade Facebook page and leave your comments.

Enjoy this article and learning all you need to know about beard oil!

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a styling product for men. It’s most popular use is reigning in wild facial hair and making you beard look nice and well-groomed.

Along with making your beard look presentable, beard oils are an important part of maintaining your skin and facial hair health. Beard oil moisturizes the skin underneath your beard. When you use it consistently, it can reduce the itchy feeling that’s all too synonymous with full facial hair.

The essential oils used to make beard oil can vary. The most popular blends of beard oil contain coconut, almond, grapeseed, olive and/or Argan oils. The ingredients in the beard oil influences the fragrance that the oil produces. Beard oil works just like aftershave, but with more health and styling benefits.

How Do You Use Beard Oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is right after a shower or after you’ve just washed your face. This is because your pores are the most open and accepting of the vitamins in the essential oils. Also, when your beard is clean, the beard oil has an easier time hydrating and restoring your facial hair.

Put a little bit of beard oil into your hand. About two or three drops should be enough. Keep the oil evenly distributed in your hands without rubbing your palms together.

Apply the beard oil directly to the sides of your face. Massage the beard oil into your skin. Repeat this process for the front of your beard.

Next, brush both of your hands through the bottom of your beard, from the neck up. Finally, use your fingertips to spread the beard oil through your mustache.

If you have significant facial hair, or your beard is long, you can also use a comb to brush the beard oil completely through your beard.

How often should you use beard oil? Make it part of your daily grooming regimen. Once you notice a soft, well conditioned feel for your beard and skin, you can switch to every other day.

Where Can I Buy the Best Beard Oil?

You can order one of the best beard oils online right now. Just click here and get yourself a bottle of Arganade Men’s Beard Oil.

Arganade only uses natural ingredients in their products. Each blend of Arganade beard oil contains Argan oil from Morocco and essential oils from Italy.

Arganade Beard oil makes your beard feel healthier and reduces itchiness. You can use Arganade beard oil to style your beard and make sure you look your best.

Arganade has three different beard oils available:

- Classic Men’s Beard Oil: Unscented, healthy and nourishing.

- Bay Rum Beard Oil: Reminiscent of the West Indies, finishes with a tropical inspired fragrance.

- Whiskey Cider Beard Oil:A timeless and masculine aroma of wood and whiskey.

Try Arganade beard oil for yourself today! Pick up any version of this premium, all natural beard oil for men at


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