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Affordable Ways To Grow A Healthy Beard

Keeping a healthy, good looking beard is a harder feat than most realize. I grew my first beard at the age of 17. Growing up a baseball player, I had a great admiration for professional's beards. I quickly realized that their skills on the field were not the only talents they possessed.

Maintaining a beard requires dedication and proper equipment.

I have developed a system to take care of my beard requiring only 3 simple tools.

Hair Clippers                                                               

Usage for hair clippers will be shown in a later video. Use attachment 4 along the checks and chin. Use attachment 2 for the neck area.

Hair Conditioner

There is a lot of hype surrounding beard vs. hair conditioner and what to use. The down and dirty on beard conditioner is very simple. It works great, however it provides the same qualities as your standard hair conditioner. If on a budget, remove beard conditioner from your shopping cart.

Beard Oil

The main reason that many fail at maintaining a beard is due to the flakey skin, beard itch and roughness that it causes over time. If you are going to buy one beard related product, I highly recommend beard oil. Beard oil is the daytime solution to keeping happy skin.


Beard Oil Recommendations:

Picking a beard oil can be difficult. One recommendation I will say is, simple ingredients generally work very well. A product in particular that I use and love is, Arganade Beard Oil. It uses Argan Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, and Grapeseed oil to naturally protect your skin and assist grooming your beard. Click here to shop for beard oil.


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