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About The Trip To Morocco

Last month a member of the Arganade team embarked on a journey Morocco. He went to visit the location where Arganade sources its argan oil. Here is an interview that we did with him after the trip. 

1.) Tell us about the trip you went on?
I spent most of my time in the southern areas of Morocco near Agadir. This is where most of the argan farms are.

2.) What was the goal of the trip?
There were several goals to the trip. I wanted to build relationships with the local farmers in Agadir. We will purchase more argan oil to supply our warehouse and also search for new products to add to our line. 

3.) What's it like in Agadir?
Agadir is a lovely place. Imagine it very similar to Miami; there are a lot of 5 star hotels on the coast and beautiful scenery. There are many things that tourist do not see here. The poor conditions of working Moroccan women and children is a huge concern. 53% of middle school chidren are forced out of the school systems to work. That's over 400,000 people each year. 

4.) Why is it important to support the small farms in Agadir?
The small farms are slowly being replaced by big corporations that are buying up land and destroying the environment. Our goal at Arganade is to support these farms to improve their income and bring opportunities for children to go to school rather than work. 

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