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7 Grooming Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural grooming products for men. Here’s 7 uses for coconut oil in your grooming routine.

1. Coconut oil is a natural lotion.

If you’re looking for a natural all-around body lotion, coconut oil may be right for you. This naturally occurring oil will soften the skin, renew dry or scaly patches, and gently nourish your dermis with healthy oils and fats. Coconut oil is full of helpful fatty acids, Vitamin E and K, and iron - just to name a few. If the organic benefits weren’t enough, coconut oil leaves a pleasant aroma behind. It doesn’t take artificial ingredients or chemicals to have a great scent.

2. Apply coconut oil to sensitive areas without worry.

Because coconut oil is so gentle, you can apply it all over the body. You can use it near your eyes or on other sensitive parts of your face. Start out with just a small dab - it will go a long way. Wash and/or exfoliate your face, then massage in some coconut oil as a finishing lotion. If you have especially sensitive skin, use extra virgin coconut oil.

3. One of the key ingredients in Arganade Premium Pomade is coconut oil.

Arganade Premium Pomade is a luxurious coconut oil product for men. The lightweight grooming product is water-based and made primarily from Moroccan argan oil and all-natural coconut oil. Arganade combines these ingredients in a proprietary blend. The result is a premium hair care product that’s perfect for every guy. Use Arganade premium pomade to cleanse, nourish and protect your hair.

4. Coconut oil makes a fantastic addition to your shaving kit.

Did you know that coconut oil can be used in place of shaving cream? Shaving with coconut oil is a natural alternative to a chemically based gel or cream. When shaving your face, open up your pores with some warm water. Then, apply and massage in a few drops of coconut oil. It may feel a little weird at first, but you’ll see it works just as well (if not better) than traditional shaving cream. After the shave, clean your face with a wash cloth. Finally, apply coconut oil the same way you would aftershave. It will moisturize your skin and replenish its smoothness.

5. Use coconut oil to care for your hair.

One of the most diverse applications for coconut oil is haircare. Here’s just a few of the ways you can use coconut oil in your hair care regimen:

- Massage coconut oil into your scalp to minimize dandruff. Remove the dead skin and dirt that clog up your hair follicles and cause flaking. Coconut oil helps treat dandruff by moisturizing the skin, conditioning the hair and promoting healthy hair growth.

- Use coconut oil and provide a natural sheen to your hair. Easily give natural and chemically treated hair a shiny finish with just a quarter-sized droplet of coconut oil.

- Coconut oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment - and as a leave in conditioner! The pre-wash treatment is exceptionally helpful for curly hair. Take ¼ cup coconut oil, heat it up and evenly apply the oil to your hair. Let it set for about an hour and you’ll have softer, curlier hair. After washing, rub a touch of coconut oil into the damp hair. It will help your hair retain moisture and stay healthy.

6. Coconut oil is marvelous for your oral hygiene.

Need to hydrate and soothe your chapped lips? You don’t need to use a chemically created lip balm or chapstick. Heal cracked or chapped lips with coconut oil. This can be a fine solution when your lips get sunburned or cracked from wind. Coconut oil can also be good for your mouth and teeth. Use coconut oil as a mouthwash to eliminate common bacterias. You can even combine coconut oil with baking soda and peppermint to make your own toothpaste!

7. Coconut oil is the ultimate all-in-one grooming product for men.

If you had to choose just one product for all your grooming needs, you might consider coconut oil. Here’s a few reasons why:

- Celebrities swear by it. Chris Hemsworth, known as the title role in Marvel’s Thor, is one of many celebs that loves coconut oil. Hemsworth says he uses coconut oil for everything - on his hair, beard and skin. Along with swearing by its anti-aging and nourishment properties, Hemsworth also loves the taste and smell of coconut oil.

- Great for your beard. Reduce itchiness under your beard by applying coconut oil. It nourishes the skin underneath your beard and your facial hair at the same time.

- Versatility. The number of ways you can use coconut oil is practically endless. This article has focused mainly on beauty and grooming concerns. However, coconut oil can also be used in cooking and health care! Here’s over 101 more ways you can use coconut oil in your life.


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