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5 Big Benefits to Using Beard Oil

Looking to learn more about beard oil? Arganade has put together five benefits to using beard oIl. Keep your facial hair clean. Have fun taking care of your beard. Try out different beard fashions. Change looks at a moment's notice. Reduce itch and discomfort with Arganade beard oil for men.

1. Beard Oil Helps Keep Your Beard Clean

When left unmanicured or neglected, a beard can become wiry and mangy. You don’t want a bunch of dandruff building up at the roots of your beard.

Along with using soap and water, beard oil is an effective way to keep your beard clean. Beard oil hydrates the face’s skin and softens the beard’s hair.

Apply beard oil immediately after washing your face or taking a shower. Your skin’s pores are more open when your body is at its cleanest. When freshly washed, hair follicles are more adept to absorbing the essential nutrients in the hair oil.

It only takes a few drops of oil. Rub it into your beard with your hands - just like you would with aftershave. For a finer, more even application, you can run a comb through your beard and apply “coats” of oil.

The same way you condition your hair after you wash it is how you want to put beard oil in after you wash your skin. Moisturize your washed hair with the best beard oils by Arganade. Try our Bay Rum or Whiskey Cider blend today.

2. Have Fun Treating Your Beard

Let’s face it - if you like your beard, you probably like playing with it. Palming a five o’clock shadow’s gruff and gristly surface. Rubbing your fingers through lengthy, fluffy hair. Massaging a well manicured facial mane. Whatever type of beard, they’re a pleasure to touch and groom.

Beard oils are fun to use. You can enjoy touching your beard and tend to it’s health at the same time. Preserve the fresh, vibrant status of your beard with Arganade natural beard oils. Caress our ‘liquid gold’ essential oils into your beard. Savor the process as much as the result.

3. Use Beard Oil to Try All Different Styles

Studies have shown that both men and women find facial hair to be attractive. And there’s a lot of different styles you can take with that… so why not try them all?

There are two huge upsides to trying out different beard styles. First, you can do it progressively. Start with stubble and grow your way into a full on mop. As the length develops, experiment with different fades on your beard trimmer. Find a look that fits you.

The second upside to trying out new styles is that you can’t go wrong. Not only is facial hair fashion very subjective, but it’s free and easy to reset your look. Just go clean shaven and start over!

Here’s a few beard styles you can create with the help of Arganade beard oil’s for men:

- Keep it trim. The neat and orderly look. Use just a touch of beard oil to hydrate and soften your facial hair.

- A few days growth. Let a smooth, comfortable field of hair grow. Try lightly combing in the oil for delicate maintenance.

- Get Grizzly. The fluffy, scruffy long-haired look. This is where the nutrition from essential beard oils are the most important. Keep your long hair healthy with Arganade.

4. Go From Wild & Untamed to Sleek & Professional

Often associated with lumberjacks, bikers and other tough-guy professions, beards can look just as glorious in a professional environment. And this doesn’t have to be a 0 to 100 choice. Beard oils provide styling flexibility.

Let it grow out and get a little wild from time to time. If you need to reign in the beast of a beard, give it a good wash and then apply some Arganade beard oil.

With Arganade, you can go from looking like a caveman to looking like you belong in the C-suite. Restore order to your beard when you need to, but let it be crazy when you please to.

6. Reduce the Itch “Beneath the Beard”

Not only can beard oil help keep the beard clean, beard oil can reduce the itchy feeling beneath your beard.

The part of the body responsible for moisturizing where the beard and skin meet is the sebaceous gland. These glands produce sebum oil - a nutritional lubricant that supports the beard’s healthy growth.

However, your body doesn’t know how long your beard is, and the sebaceous glands never adjusts sebum oil production. So, once you’ve grown your beard past a moderate length, your skin and hair aren’t getting enough nutrients.

This lack of moisturization and nourishment is what causes the skin below the beard to get itchy. When left untreated, a long, malnourished beard can develop dandruff, split ends or even complete breaks in the hair.

Beard oil can provide the additional nutrients and lubrication that your beard’s hair needs. Once the beard hair is revitalized, the skin under the beard is less likely to get dry and itchy. So, care for your skin’s comfort and your beard’s health all at once with Arganade’s best beard oil.


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