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4 Reasons Why Men Should Use Pomade

Pomade is all natural hair oil that’s a great alternative to traditional haircare products. Read more and find out the four reasons why men should use pomade. Learn about Arganade and our natural hair products for men.

1. Every Type of Hair Loves Pomade - Shiny or Matte

As GQ Magazine reports, shiny hair is in this year. But as they also admit, matte has been just as popular in the past. The best part about pomade for men is that it can be used to create either look. It’s that good of a styling tool.

If you’re a man with naturally dry hair, you may think it’s impossible to get a shiny look from your hair. With pomade, you can get a slick looking sheen without appearing damp. This contemporary look is the trend for 2017. Give it a shot with Arganade and see how this fashion looks on you.

Maybe your hair tends to come out lubricated on it’s own. In that case, you can use pomade to give your hair an even, matte appearance. While hipsters lean toward a hairdo that shines, matte finishes provide a understated look that’s an instant classic. Check it out on yourself.

Whichever route you use to take, Arganade pomade is the premium hair oil for you. We use a proprietary blend of all-natural Moroccan argan and coconut oil. We believe in only using the best ingredients, so you can make the best hairstyle.

2. Pomade is Made From All Natural Ingredients - Not Corporate Science

Many traditional hair gels are made from engineered compounds like PVP (Polyvinyl Pyrolidone) or VP (Vinyl Pyrolidone). Cosmetic scientists create chemical reactions to invent the most efficient products on the market. These styling products may get results, but they may come at a cost.

According to Forbes, the barrier to entry on cosmetology is lower than it’s ever been. Consider the competitive reality of the United States cosmetic market. Leading manufacturers are looking to decrease their overall costs at every corner. They have corporate shareholders to please and they need to watch their bottom dollar.

It can become advantageous for competing brands to experiment with chemistry and develop new cosmetic compounds before they’re even needed. While leading haircare companies compete for market share in the synthetic hair gel business, Argande has opted out of that mess. We’d prefer to keep our pomade simple and use natural ingredients that don’t damage your hair.

3. Apply Pomade Wet or Dry - It Works

It’s actually better if your hair is just a little damp when you apply pomade. It gives you the flexibility to develop malleability from your hair. But, if your hair is too wet, the natural pomade oil won’t take as well. It’s a delicate balance - but one that’s easy enough to figure out. With a little practice, you’ll make it work.

Apply pomade to your hair as needed. Pomade is made for men that want to style their hair right out of the shower. It can also work with just as well with only a splash of water.

Men’s Health notes that dry hair can benefit from pomade as well. They point out how you can apply it the same as you would with other hair wax.

Whatever method you find best your hair, Arganade is a flexible way to get the style you want.

4. Easy Application - Easy Cleaning

Because it’s a water based hair product, pomade goes into your hair just as easily as it comes out.

The lightweight oils nourish the hair gently and provide a medium hold. Pomade let’s the user create a variety of different hairstyles. Check out this sweet article by GQ that will show you exactly how to put Arganade premium pomade in your hair.

You can dig your fingers in deep and give strong, spiky direction to your doo. If a straight part is more your style, dab in just a touch of pomade to the crease of your part and comb it through.

There’s no artifical ingredients in Arganade pomade. Since you’re not adding any unneeded ingredients to your hair, the pomade washed out with no problems.

Say goodbye to sticky, synthetic gels that still gunk up your hair days later. Pomade makes your hair look good and doesn't stick around longer than it’s wanted.


Pomade is a lightweight, water-based product that can create a matte or shiny finish. No matter what type of hair you have, it can help you achieve the style you want.

Arganade pomade is a premium hair styling product made from nourishing ingredients. There’s no science used to create it - a blend of our best oils.

Style wet or dry hair with Arganade pomade. The hair oil is versatile. Use it to create all kinds of designs with your hair.

Apply Arganade premium pomade to your hair effortlessly. Wash it out with absolutely no fuss.


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